How COVID-19 Makes Us Rethink Engagement with Prospective Students

Lyquaia Purcell

When enrollment teams evaluate tools and develop admissions cycle strategies, they often look to attribute first source leads—prospects whose first interaction with the institution came through a particular source—admission rates, and yield rates.  It’s becoming increasingly important that recruitment and enrollment teams take a good hard look at how they are generating student leads and—more importantly—how they are nurturing and engaging those prospective students.   

It’s Time To Rethink Lead Sources  

The days of large, on-campus recruitment events and in-person high school visits are uncertain for the foreseeable future. Enrollment teams will have to reimagine student outreach in ways that will drive applications and enrollment while prioritizing student and staff safety. This means rethinking the channels your institution is leveraging to capture student information.  

Beyond considering where students are coming from, schools need to consider how they are being engaged throughout the admissions funnel. Changes are coming to common strategies such as list buying from standardized test providers. With testing paused or occurring at a reduced scale due to COVID-19, schools will be looking at a limited volume of available student names. And the value of lead sources like this ends at the moment of transaction. After a student name is licensed, the lead source provides your institution no additional value. This kind of data is ultimately stagnant. You can’t monitor if students update their application intentions, change schools, or develop new interests.  

Often, enrollment teams see a division between the tools they treat as lead sources and tools used for student engagement. We encourage our partners to see RaiseMe Enrollment as a combination of both. 

When You Know More You Can Do More  

The college admissions process is more personal now than ever. Pursuing higher education is often a significant investment for students and their families. A 2019 report published by Ruffalo Noel Levitz showed 90% of seniors and 80% of juniors surveyed listed cost and tuition content as the most valuable on an institution’s website, followed by scholarship information.  

The importance of financial aid is why students join RaiseMe. The education they want becomes real when they receive clear, transparent information about cost and affordability coupled with positive reinforcement through micro-scholarship awards, starting as early as 9th grade. For the colleges and universities seeking to recruit these students, being on the RaiseMe Enrollment platform offers valuable information that often isn’t available through commonly used lead sources. Student data available through RaiseMe is dynamic, giving recruiters consistently updated information to enrich and inform their outreach. 

When recruitment counselors know more about the students they are reaching out to, it personalizes the communication, allowing institutions to more effectively nurture and engage students as they move through the admissions funnel. RaiseMe student data can be used to target prospective students based on information such as:  

High School 

Academic Performance (Standardized & AP Test Scores)  


1st Generation Status  

Socioeconomic Status  

Academic Interests 

Application Status   

With this information at your fingertips, personalization is possible. You have the ability to better tailor your communication strategy with groups of students when it comes to inviting them to admissions or academic events, reminding them of upcoming admissions deadlines, and every touchpoint in between.  

The RaiseMe Enrollment platform is built to work in tandem with our partners, 24/7. As students interact with schools and input achievements to earn micro-scholarships, they receive immediate responses. Once a student is in the admissions funnel, it’s imperative that they receive several meaningful and personalized touch points along their journey.   

A Rising Tide Lifts All   

We’ve seen how students utilizing RaiseMe Enrollment leads to positive outcomes for our partners, including increased admit and yield rates. Knowing that, we encourage our partners to incorporate the platform into their website, emails, and on and off-campus events, to cultivate student engagement long after the first touch point has passed.  

No matter how a student first interacts with an institution, RaiseMe Enrollment offers unique opportunities to move students through the admissions funnel by engaging, exciting and informing them. Micro-scholarships play an important role in helping students see themselves attending a particular institution by making affordability a reality.  

Want to learn more about how RaiseMe Enrollment can help your enrollment team engage with students early and more meaningfully? Contact us to learn more


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