Insight of the Month: Files Reviewed by Users

October 15, 2018 Michael Macias, Product Manager

If you’re running the FAO Activity export found in StudentForms, you’re going to love our newest CampusMetrics insight. Files Reviewed by Users builds on the FAO Activity information, providing more detail and a breakdown of the activity by employee.

What ‘FAO Activity Export’ Does

The FAO Activity export counts activity over time, giving StudentForms users a total count of files reviewed by each user for each day. The CampusMetrics report gives you visibility into whether the file was rejected, completed, or required additional information. It also looks at completions by transaction types, so you can see how many verifications vs. SAP vs. appeals were completed.

What ‘Files Reviewed by Users’ Does

The Files Reviewed by Users insight not only runs the count of the files reviewed by each user, but also breaks the information down by outcome results and transactions. You can now see, by user, how many files were pushed back to the student as Re-Collecting, are currently Processing Corrections, or have moved on to a Verified status. The new insight provides activity reporting across all transactions, not just verification. You can use interactive filters to easily filter totals, empowering you to dig in to a certain transaction outcome, see all outcomes for one transaction type, or run combination filters to view a certain transaction status for a certain transaction type. The new insight makes it easy for you to view the records of an associated count, along with each student's information and the date and time of the file review.

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