Make Your Director Look Like a Hero

January 21, 2015 heatherdunn

Many people assume that if they hand accolades to their boss or perform their jobs efficiently behind the scenes, they’re somehow stripping themselves of their rightful rewards, but this is a shortsighted approach. Making your financial aid director look good not only strengthens workplace morale, it makes your office more successful and efficient, and therefore increases your job security. Plus, your boss is bound to notice the little elf helping her out sooner or later, so work to make your director look like a hero with these five easy steps.

1. Keep Your Boss in the Loop

Forbes recommends keeping your director informed as one of the primary ways to make him shine. While your director may know a lot about his chosen field, he may be too busy to keep up on office events or remember dates important to his employees. Cluing him in makes him look, well, like a boss.

2. Spearhead Modern Tactics

Staying on top of technological updates and current trends help your office run smoothly and efficiently, but it takes a lot of time and effort to manage. Help your director out by making lists of systems that could use improvement, instituting text messaging to keep students informed, or jumping on social media to notify students of financial aid-related deadlines.

3. Suggest Streamlined Processes

Similar to the above suggestion, you can help your boss look like a hero by finding ways to streamline processes that you want to keep. StudentVerification is one such example, a way to enable students to verify their financial aid from anywhere, increasing the number of kids who successfully complete their applications and shortening overall processing time. This saves financial aid department resources and gives you and your coworkers time to focus on actually counseling students.

4. Track Successes

When you notice a particularly exciting statistic, like the fact that FAFSA completion rate is up or your office has completed a standard process more quickly than usual, let your director know. She may be too busy to have noticed this herself, but giving her the opportunity to congratulate the office on it helps everyone feel good.

5. Build a Great Team

Giving your director the credit for smart hires can’t hurt either. As we’ve pointed out, using social media sites like LinkedIn to find good prospects for job openings builds a positive team environment and makes your director look like the hero you already know him to be.


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