Meet CampusMetrics: Visualize and Act on Your FinAid Data Instantly

March 1, 2016 heatherdunn

By Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer

I am excited to announce our preview release of CampusMetrics – the first business intelligence –as-a-service offering specifically for Financial Aid professionals. We all know that easy-to-access data helps us make better decisions, that visualizing data helps us see and act on trends faster, and that knowing more about our students helps us serve them better. We’re proud to bring financial aid offices a groundbreaking solution that allows them to easily gain meaningful insights about their students to better serve them.

Obliterate historical barriers to meaningful data

Business intelligence (BI),  data visualization, analytics, big data… these terms are thrown around a lot these days. In my experience, higher education institutions still struggle to make the large amounts of data they have insightful and actionable. Do any of these barriers to using data in meaningful way sound familiar?:

  • Complexity: While a lot of powerful tools exist to harness data, nobody really knows how to use them—or has the time to figure it out.
  • Cost: Most analytic technologies are very expensive—add to this costs of implementing the solution or finding experts to keep an analytics program going.
  • Access: At a lot of institutions I’ve worked for, IT had tremendous tools and capabilities, but getting the data to the folks in the finaid office—or the enrollment team—is a long and arduous process.

Innovation comes from asking better questions

Eliminating all of your barriers to actionable data; that was our challenge.  Most solution providers focused on what a school “could do” with their data, and attempted to create powerful toolsets around these ‘what if’ situations. These solutions often became big time-consuming projects involving  business users defining requirements, data scientists analyzing data, and IT professionals spending weeks or months building custom dashboards and reports.

We approached it differently. We asked: how can we provide meaningful insights within 5 minutes of a user getting the product?

Pre-built Insight Gallery

We started with ISIR analytics, and focused on creating a prebuilt gallery of “Insights” that every financial aid office needs. These insights will help financial aid professionals understand their student populations better, helping to drive enrollment, make policy decisions, or adjust services to meet student needs.

The Financial Aid Community will drive Insight Gallery content through direct feedback and curation in CampusMetrics. Community feedback will fuel development of additional Insights.  All institutions will instantly, seamlessly receive new additions to their Insight Gallery. Users can explore charts, favorite them, rate them and have real-time visibility into how others in the community are rating them. Not sure what analysis of your ISIRs you should be doing? No problem. CampusMetrics harnesses the collective wisdom of everyone in the community.

Mobile Quick Query: Instant access = instant answers

Quick Query is a simple tool that leverages your ISIR data to identify student populations that need outreach. Quick Query can also help you quickly answer ad hoc questions you receive from other departments—including your boss and those above you. CampusMetrics provides mobile access to your data. Imagine being in a policy discussion where progress has stalled because  a decision requires ISIR data. With Quick Query on your phone or tablet you can get an instant answer. Sounds better than tabling the discussion until you get a response to the email you would usually send to IT asking if they can find some time to build you a report.

Thank-you to our team of #awesome people

CampusMetrics is the result of a collaborative, cohesive team effort by a truly dedicated CampusLogic staff. Every single person here—from the business analysts to the engineers to our marketing team to our customer success team—believes that financial aid can be awesome. Launching a new innovative product takes dedication and heart, and I’m proud of the entire team’s effort to truly revolutionize financial aid data.

Check it out

CampusMetrics is available today as a preview release. To schedule a live demo, visit

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