Mills College: Making education attainable

February 17, 2016 Tracy Skochil

Based on a study that found “no statistical differences in either college grade point average (GPA) or graduation rates between students who submitted test scores and those who did not,” Mills College, a CampusLogic customer, has done away with requiring them for admissions. They’ll continue to review applicant’s academic performance through submitted transcripts, and will examine other qualities such as intellectual curiosity, leadership, creativity, and civic engagement.

Mills has also signed on as a supporter of the Oakland Promise College Pathways initiative. The effort aims to see all OUSD students graduate high school with the expectation, resources and skills to complete college and enter the careers of their choice. The need is great in Oakland, where 10 percent of the city’s public-school ninth graders graduate college.

“By making standardized test scores optional, and by creating a pathway to college for our hometown high school graduates, we hope to further this proud legacy by making access to higher education more attainable,” says Mills College President Alecia DeCoudreaux.

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