Our customers’ success is Chrisy Woll’s passion

June 13, 2016 Tracy Skochil

Chrisy Woll is seriously passionate about building awesome relationships with customers.

That’s why we’re seriously happy she’s on our team. Since joining CampusLogic as Vice President of Customer Success early this year, Chrisy has been helping us make giant strides in our quest to make financial aid awesome.

What is customer success, anyway?

Woll is a noted industry leader in Customer Success. Not familiar with that term? We used to call it account management. Customer Success isn’t just a simple re-branding, though: it’s a revolution.

It’s about building and strengthening relationships with clients, about really listening and reacting to their feelings and needs. Building a team and culture that truly puts the client first is pivotal to Customer Success.

chrisy_wollChrisy explains that when she was a salesperson, she enjoyed solving a prospect’s needs and developing an ongoing relationship with customers. She loved working to ensure they were happy and engaged for the long-term.

That’s what Customer Success is all about. It’s an ongoing dialogue. It means developing a keen sense of observation and intuition to use in your client relationships. It can also sometimes mean having difficult and truthful conversations with them when something’s gone wrong.

And that can be hard. But Customer Success can’t just be lip service, Chrisy warns. It’s the fact that Customer Success is both awesome and hard that drew her to it in the first place. “It just felt so comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time,” she says.

A perfect match

Chrisy’s role at CampusLogic marries two of her passions: education and the creativity and innovation of the tech field. She worked in education before jumping into tech. Her experience at Infusionsoft, a marketing/sales platform company, opened her eyes to how awesome it is to work in a creative, innovative environment where people listen to your ideas.

“It was like, ‘Oh, I’m home. These are my people,’” she recalls.

Chrisy started as a sales rep and worked her way up to management at Infusionsoft. She then moved on to online backup company Mozy to build their Customer Success team. This team-building brings Chrisy renewed passion for Customer Success: helping others grow their ability to work with their clients on a higher level.

That’s what she is doing here at CampusLogic. She and her team have been hard at work making our customers’ experience even greater.

Best practices e-book

Chrisy talks about some of her experience with CampusLogic in a recently-published ebook, Customer Success as a Culture: Customer Success Leader Edition. She was chosen to be one of the Customer Success leaders who share their best practices in the book.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts featuring Chrisy’s thoughts on Customer Success and how she and her team are ensuring our awesome customers are the priority at CampusLogic.

Read about our Customer Success path at CampusLogic >


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