Our FinAid Top-Ten Holiday Wishlist Is All Wrapped Up for You

December 22, 2016 CampusLogic

Visions of sugarplums and spinning dreidels might occupy the minds of many holiday revelers this season (especially when Christmas and Hanukkah fall on the same day for only the fourth time in 100 years).

But we know many of our FinAid friends are just happy to have a break; a chance to recharge and prepare for the coming year (even while you discuss “prior-prior year”). Hopefully, you’re able to enjoy the festivities all around you, meet up with friends and family, and share joy with children of all ages—even while visions of verifications and c codes swirl around in your eggnog.

Proudly built by FinAid pros for FinAid pros, we polled our office to find out “What’s on your FinAid wishlist this year?” Read on for our Top Ten!

And may all your dreams for 2017 come true!


A glitch-free FSA ID website.


No typos. Ever. On anything.


Easy appeals processes.


A DRT that instantly recognizes married parents who file separately.


Better communication between students and parents—for FinAid filing and beyond, of course. That’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it?


Speedy, positive resolution of all c code 399 conflicts.


An easy way to leverage the data financial aid offices hold—it’s truly “the gift that keeps on giving”—and way more valuable than that monthly box of fruit.


A smooth, fast verification process.


Better technology to make staff and students’ lives easier—and workflows faster.

And No. 1 on Our WishList for Financial Aid…

#1: Improved financial literacy to empower and inform students when making big decisions about where to go to college—and how much it will cost. We believe knowledge is power—and we’re here to help you help your students.


By the way: 

Our offices will be closed December 24–January 2, but technical assistance is always available. Simply submit a ticket and a dev team elf will happily respond. Happy Holidays to All! 

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