This NASFAA Product Showcase Will Help You Take A Vacation This Year

May 3, 2019

Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer at CampusLogic, is hosting two Financial Aid Business Solutions Seminars at the 2019 NASFAA Annual Conference. Bookmark the below product showcase to learn more about how higher education’s only student financial success platform removes financial barriers to improve student access, inform borrowing decisions, and increase completion in higher education—all while making it easy-peasy for you to take a vacation this year. 

NASFAA Product Showcase: Exotic Locales Await: Streamline Your Financial Aid Process and Get Free Time  

  • When: Tuesday, June 25, 2019: 8:30 AM-9:30 AM  
  • Where: Northern Hemisphere A 2 (Walt Disney World Dolphin)  
  • Track: Leadership/Manager's Track

Financial aid professionals are busy. With more than 15 million students traveling the financial success journey each year, there’s never a shortage of work — from answering student questions, to filing paperwork, to actively advising, and more. It’s hard to keep up, but it’s not impossible with help from technology. Learn how to help students understand the true cost of college early in the process, find scholarships that bridge funding gaps, engage with personalized multimedia award letters, and easily complete critical financial aid forms, all while freeing up your time to better advise students and (gasp!) finally take that vacation.  

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