Record-Breaking Student Verification Day at California Baptist University—With an Asterisk*

In one 12-hour period in 2016, California Baptist University (CBU) Financial Aid Technician Shane Paulson singlehandedly processed 300 student verifications. Three hundred verifications—let that number sink in. Prior to 2015, when life was very different in the CBU FinAid office, Director of Financial Aid Josh Morey says his staff of seven were maxing out at “only” 30 verifications a day.

Verification at CBU: A New Record

Paulson’s “300” day is wildly impressive—and a record at CBU. The feat brings to mind the Dominos’ commercial in which a pizza-box-folding pro is killing it with incredible speed and proficiency, hundreds of perfect boxes piled high all around him.

Paulson: One-of-a-Kind

Paulson had a definite advantage. A few, in fact. “Shane’s a certified fraud examiner and accountant—so he’s an expert at spot-checking,” says Morey. Additionally, CBU implemented StudentFormsSM in 2015, a key component of the CampusLogic student financial aid engagement platform. StudentForms adds speed, accuracy, transparency, and cost-savings for processing Financial Aid applications while seamlessly handling compliance requirements like verification.

Paulson’s Verification Stats

With his unique background and StudentForms powering him, a normal day for Paulson saw him averaging about 120 verifications before he left the department in early 2017. Imagine one guy completing ten times the “normal” workload of a tedious paper-based verification process.

Maybe the Guinness World Records people really should be notified. Just remember to add an asterisk* by Paulson’s name—for the assist from CampusLogic.

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