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August 30, 2019 Amy Barnas

For students admitted in the 20-21 aid year and beyond, each state university and each campus in the University of Tennessee system must provide each student, along with their letter of acceptance, a predictive cost estimate. 49-7-1605 of SB 1665, the Tuition Transparency & Accountability Act, is all about driving student financial success for the UT system’s more than 225,000 students.  

But adding in a new customized notification to your already busy workflows—list pulls, document setup, information, sending—isn’t always easy, from a time, resources, and budget standpoint. CampusLogic’s product CampusCommunicator, previously known as AwardLetter, can make satisfying your SB 1665 requirements simple—and so much more. 

CampusCommunicator Gets Your Messages Read 

Mobile, interactive, and student-centric, CampusCommunicator empowers more effective communications across the student financial success lifecycle. A personalized, mobile communications hub for students, CampusCommunicator meets students wherever they are: on the go, on any device, with relevant, dynamic content. CampusCommunicator integrates with all student information systems to seamlessly deliver your student finance messages—at a fraction of your current time and effort. Thanks to CampusMetrics, you’ll also get instant data on student engagement: open rates, click through rates, and the amount of time students spend with your content. Using that data, you can continually improve your processes and messaging to optimize your impact, empower students to take charge of their financial wellness, and reduce the call volumes and wait times.   

CampusCommunicator Unites All Your Efforts 

You’re always thinking about better ways to drive student understanding and engagement with your institution’s financial aid offer—and dozens of other communications within the student financial success universe. Right now you might be drafting, editing, personalizing and sending all of those communications manually, using disparate systems. It can be exhausting—for you and your team. Managing them separately can also cause a disjointed student experience. Ready to bring all of the below annual, situational, and mandated communications together, seamlessly?  

  • Situational: Incomplete FAFSA communication  
  • Annual: Acceptance letter with predictive cost estimate 
  • Annual: Initial welcome to new first-year enrollees  
  • Annual: Debt letter  
  • Situational: Scholarship notification  
  • Situational: Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal notifications/decisions 
  • Annual: College Financing Plan (Shopping Sheet)  
  • Situational: Selected for verification notification 
  • Situational: Loan grace period notification  
  • Situational: Delinquency notification  
  • Situational: Outreach to the more than 940,000 adult Tennesseans who have debt but no degree to help them complete and support the Drive to 55 

Picture the above in a matrix of all the possible notifications you could potentially send to one student. Then multiply that matrix by the University of Tennesse’s student base. Students expect the best experience possible—and react more promptly to communications that are personalized and relevant—so factor in the time and effort it will take for you to personalize everything with your current process. It can feel overwhelming, so you put it off because your office is constantly running at max capacity with the process you have in place.  

When CampusCommunicator by CampusLogic streamlines all of those communications for you, you’ll have more time to focus on strategic initiatives like driving success for at-risk students, pushing for FAFSA completion, and helping students bridge funding gaps. CampusCommunicator is changing the game for schools like Sewanee and UT-Chattanooga.  

3 Reasons CampusCommunicator Gets Results: Mobile-first, Interactive, Video 

Mobile-First Trumps Mobile-Friendly. Most people reach for their device within the first 30 seconds of waking up in the morning. A mobile-first, student-centric approach drives all of our design. The average person scrolls through (at minimum) 300 feet of social content per day—that’s pretty much the size of the Statue of Liberty (half the height of the Golden Gate Bridge). They pause for video content, for engaging experiences, for things that resonate on a personal level. Static communications fall flat—our CampusCommunicator product doesn’t. 

Interactivity Rules—and Drives Students Engagement. Dynamic content functionality means your MBA students will see images of successful business professionals, and your nursing students will see nurses in action—all without you having to lift a finger. We’ll help you take it a step further by personalizing content in communications based on Satisfactory Academic Progress status, geographic region, etc. 

Video Content Improves Financial Wellness. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Financial aid award notifications and follow-up communications are often filled with confusing terminology, financial jargon, and lack of clarity around payment. These can be even more difficult to comprehend for first-generation students and for students where English is not the native language. The last thing you have time for is to create video content—and you don’t have to. CampusLogic’s built-in video library makes it easy to embed informative videos into award letters, debt letters, and missing FAFSA letters to improve engagement and understanding. Choose from 50 videos that answer questions like what is cost of attendance, what is the difference between direct and indirect cost, what is a grant versus a loan, and when do I start repaying my federal student loan? Analytics underpin everything we do, and you’ll have full access to metrics to understand and refine your video usage. Mobile video consumption has been rising 100% every year. 

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