The CampusLogic NASFAA 2016 Experience: Super Powered!

June 25, 2016 Tracy Skochil

We’re heading to NASFAA’s National Conference in July… what’s packed in our bags? Two FABS Sessions you don’t want to miss, the best booth experience around (407), and easy, mobile, personalized FinAid —all steeped in our belief that Financial Aid folks are #FinAidSuperheroes. And a few little surprises.

FABSulous Sessions Await

Build upon your #FinAidSuperhero IQ with not one but two Financial Aid Business Solutions (FABS) Seminars presented by CampusLogic during NASFAA 2016.

Boost Student Engagement in the FinAid Office – July 11, 2:45 p.m.

It’s no secret students struggle to get through financial aid. Why? Paperwork, fax machines, and snail mail are completely foreign to them. Your students live on their phones – they’re banking online, booking travel online, taking classes online. They want the same experience from financial aid. Here’s how you can give them what they want, and make your office run smoother. 

Get Insights From Your Financial Aid Data, Instantly – July 12, 11 a.m.

Schools focus on using relevant data to drive student success. But how often does management turn to you for answers about financial aid data that you just don’t have? It’s hard to access financial aid data, and reporting requests often fall into the long backlog of items for IT to deliver. It’s time you met CampusMetrics, the only cloud-based student financial aid analytics platform, no IT required.

Both of our FABS sessions will be presented by COO Chris Chumley and VP of FinAid Amy Glynn. You don’t need to reserve space to attend our FABS, but they do fill up quickly so plan to arrive early.

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Booth 407: The Place to Be!

For everything you’ve ever wanted to know about easy, mobile, personalized #FinAid, be sure to stop by Booth 407, on the Exhibit Level, Hall C, at the conference.

Meet The Team: Regional Directors, CampusLogic leadership, and our Customer Success Team members will be on hand. Ask us anything: about how we provide the best student experience around, how we get you live in 30 days or less, and why we know that mobile isn’t a nice to have for FinAid offices, it’s a necessity.

Strike a Super Pose: When you drop by the booth, don’t forget to show us your best #FinAidSuperhero face! We’re bringing a life-sized “FinAid Avenger” (FA for short) board that you can pose in. We’ll help you take the picture, don’t worry!

Cool Up Your Coffee Mug: Does your daily cuppa joe say ‘I make financial aid awesome!’ on it? It should. Because you do. Stop by our booth to learn how you can get a mug.

Collectible Awesomeness Stickers: ‘I make financial aid awesome!’ stickers have been part of the CampusLogic experience since the start. This year, we’re changing them up. You’ll want to get a copy of this year’s sticker for your collection!

Official Twitter Sponsor, That’s Us!

Firm believers in the importance of mobile, we jumped at the chance to sponsor the event’s Twitter feed. Join in the National Conference Twitter conversation—or just follow along—using #NASFAATurns50. This feed will be broadcast across the conference. CampusLogic will also be using the below hashtags throughout the conference:

#FinAidSuperhero – We’ll be posting pics of attendees showing off their #FinAidSuperhero smiles (read the ‘Strike a Super Pose’ section for more!)

#CLFABSS – We’ll be using this hashtag to live tweet our Financial Aid Business Solutions Sessions. If you can’t make the session, you can still follow along on Twitter and gain valuable insights.

#wemakefinaidawesome – This is our main hashtag, and we encourage all #FinAid teams to use it to let us know how your office provides an #awesome experience for students.

We’ve got a few fun surprises planned as well. Can’t wait to see everyone in Washington!

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