VirtualAdvisor by CampusLogic Sets New Standards for Financial Aid Artificial Intelligence

Premiering at 2019 NASFAA National Conference, VirtualAdvisor seamlessly melds Microsoft® technology with CampusLogic’s deep industry knowledge to drive student financial success nationwide

PHOENIX, AZ, JUNE 17, 2019— CampusLogic, higher education’s leading student financial success platform, today announced that VirtualAdvisor will debut at the 2019 NASFAA National Conference. A centerpiece of the CampusLogic platform, VirtualAdvisor uses artificial intelligence (AI) to orchestrate activities and automate workflows across the financial aid lifecycle. VirtualAdvisor includes a dynamic chatbot powered by Microsoft’s® Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) AI engine. VirtualAdvisor engages students in conversations that answer complex financial aid questions, decreasing staffing strain and freeing up time for staff to spend on high-needs counseling—all while machine learning continually improves responses and conversations.

“We believe it’s time to flip the financial aid office upside down,” said Chris Chumley, COO at CampusLogic. “Too much time is spent answering the same questions over and over again, and not enough time is spent actually providing students the personalized advising they need. VirtualAdvisor takes routine work off the table, allowing financial aid professionals to focus on personalized advising—the life-changing work that truly drives student success.”

Nearly 3 million students drop out of higher education every year for reasons related to finances. The financial aid process is hard, comprehension of the gravity of financial commitment is low, and debt without a degree is on the rise. Billions are spent on innovating academic and career resources to drive student success—but financial success has been sorely overlooked. “VirtualAdvisor is our next step in solving the student financial success problem,” said Gregg Scoresby, CEO of CampusLogic. “Improving advising capabilities for higher education aligns perfectly with our efforts to build the most comprehensive student financial success platform.”

Chatbots can deflect and resolve up to 80% of routine questions, providing answers on the seeker’s schedule rather than the institution’s. Virtual advising uses technology as a bridge, connecting the student with the information he or she seeks in that moment. Today’s non-traditional learner population often works during the day, tackles financial aid and college at night, and is raising a family. All students expect custom, personalized advising, 24/7/365 flexibility, quick resolution, and consistent responses.

VirtualAdvisor is multi-lingual, available through text and social media messaging, can advise and suggest next steps, and connects to other CampusLogic products to provide individualized answers to students. Today’s student expects custom, personalized advising, 24/7/365 flexibility, quick resolution, and consistent responses—VirtualAdvisor delivers. It’s the only chatbot raised on financial aid and grounded in student financial success. Later phases will add case management and scheduling system functionality.

“VirtualAdvisor will debut at NASFAA and we invite everyone to join us on Wed. June 26 at 10:15 a.m.,” said Scoresby, named Higher Education Technology Leader in the 2019 EdTech Awards. “With our established track record in delivering transformative technology solutions, no one is as uniquely positioned as CampusLogic to redefine the possibilities of financial aid artificial intelligence—we’re excited at the potential for this new technology to further help schools change lives.”  

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