[Press Release] Wentworth Goes Paperless, Speeds Up Processes, and Delivers Work-From-Home Capabilities with CampusLogic

PHOENIX, AZ, APRIL 17, 2020—CampusLogic, higher education’s leading student financial success platform, today announced its successful partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology, which has facilitated the transition of the institution’s financial aid office to a virtual workspace. Wentworth is focused on seamlessly providing for student needs and delivering continuity of service, especially as institutions across the country navigate the COVID-19 crisis, and CampusLogic products have ensured they are able to stay connected and continue their operations digitally.

Many campuses have transitioned to distance learning, and a majority of staff members are working from home. Yet, student financial needs still need to be met. “It was interesting to hear the NASFAA COVID-19 webinar and hear the concerns of other offices around the country,” says Anne-Marie Caruso, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management and Director of Financial Aid at Wentworth Institute of Technology. “They were saying they are struggling. They were asking how they were going to do verifications with their paper processes. Schools didn’t know how they were going to securely get the information they needed.” 

The Boston-based college’s financial aid team was already prepared to turn on a dime, however. With their digital, paperless processes, they can stay in touch with students and parents—any time, from anywhere. “CampusLogic has given us a platform to operate digitally,” explains Caruso. “We can do business as usual with very little disruption.” 

StudentForms™ simplifies financial aid processes—like verification, professional judgments, and SAP appeals. A key component of the cloud-based CampusLogic student financial success platform, StudentForms provides a digital portal for financial aid professionals to manage tasks, review files, and automate student communications via text and email. Plus, students can upload documents from any mobile device—a feature staff and students love for the time savings. 

CampusCommunicator™ delivers digital, mobile communications throughout the financial aid cycle. It gives students the information they need when they need it, right where they want it—on their mobile devices. 

StudentForms means verification no longer takes two or three weeks. It’s completed in three days, five during peak times. “No one misses having to deal with paper anymore,” Caruso says.

Even more time is freed up with Wentworth’s new, information-rich award letter, sent through CampusCommunicator. “I think it’s a very good tool that provides a lot of good, solid information for families,” Caruso says. “We have visuals and hover-over explanations. It answers a lot of the basic questions, so those types of calls don’t come in as often anymore.” 

Whether in a time of crisis, or just during a regular school year, the focus is always on what matters most: student success. “Being able to help students achieve what they set out to do for their future, that’s success for us,” Caruso says. “We need to be able to help them on their financial journey to achieve their goals.” 

About CampusLogic  

CampusLogic helps schools change lives by delivering the first—and only—student financial success platform that incorporates a net price calculator, complete scholarship management, personalized digital communications, simplified financial aid verification, 24x7 multilingual virtual advising, tuition and scholarship crowdfunding, and integrated data visualizations. Over 500 schools across the country use CampusLogic to provide their students with an easy, mobile, and personalized experience to simplify the financial success journey, resulting in increased enrollment, better informed borrowing, and improved retention. CampusLogic annually hosts EmpowerED, a conference dedicated to providing student financial success professionals with access to industry trends, best practices, and networking opportunities with like-minded colleagues. For more information, visit campuslogic.com.    

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Allison Duquette  

Chief Revenue Officer, CampusLogic   




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