Why Being on the Inc. 5000 is a Big Deal at CampusLogic

September 13, 2017 CampusLogic

By Stacie Mallen, Chief People Officer

The Inc. 5000 was recently announced—and CampusLogic is on this year’s list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. We ranked #1,426 nationwide and #28 in Arizona. That’s a really big deal for us.

Here’s why we’re stoked about making the list—and staying on it:

Purpose-Driven, Inc. 5000 Companies Create More Jobs

High-growth companies mean more jobs and more opportunities—adding 619,631 new jobs in the past three years—and generally indicate a business culture where people and values are priorities. It’s no secret that high-performing companies focus on key values and a great cause, or purpose. Our purpose is to help schools change lives. Rallying together behind that cause propels us further, faster.

The book, Firms of Endearment, discusses how companies with purpose consistently outperform the S&P 500 at a 14:1 growth level. Ann Rhoades—who helped construct high-performing cultures at Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue—will tell you that building an organization with a purpose and the values to support it, “creates an enviable culture that outperforms the competition.” And Forbes reports that 93% of employees at values-based businesses experience financial performance greater than their competitors.

Empowered Employees Take Risks, Drive Experiences  

At CampusLogic, we value innovation and push to continuously improve—based on our high-trust, autonomous company culture. An entrepreneurial spirit is critical here, as it is for many organizations on the 2017 Inc. 5000. That same Forbes article supports this theory with evidence that employees in high-trust organizations are 22 times more likely to take a beneficial risk for the company, resulting in 8 times the level of innovation over competitors.

A critical focus for us is our customer Net Promoter Score (NPS). But that, alone, is not enough. What ultimately feeds NPS is our eNPS, or employee Net Promotor Score. eNPS and NPS are directly connected: CampusLogic employees dictate the customer experience. They drive product development and are the face and voice of this company. Every employee drives better experiences, whether working behind the scenes to resolve issues and provide technical support, or traveling the road meeting customers nationwide. Customer satisfaction is a team sport here, and we play to win.

Values-based, purpose-driven companies have higher employee loyalty and customer satisfaction than organizations that follow a top-down construct. Think of the types of exceptional service you experience daily—Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, or Zappos for example. They all ‘walk the talk,’ driving toward a purpose, aligning actions to company values, and maintaining loyal employees—all of which influences customer loyalty.

Proud to Represent Arizona on the 2017 Inc. 5000 

Let’s also take a moment to give a huge shout-out to all 120 Arizona businesses on the list. We’re super-proud to be in such great company, joining other local high-growth companies, such as EXOS, Alpha Connect, Phoenix Logistics, Tallwave, WebPT, Isagenix, and Blue Media.

Growing a company is exciting. But it’s also challenging work. Scaling up, experiencing growing pains, and overcoming roadblocks are all part of our journey. As our CEO, Gregg Scoresby, often notes, “It’s important to maintain the ‘good-ness’ as we grow.”

I’m confident we will—thanks to the strength of our purpose, values, and #awesome people.

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