Zoom: Everything You Need to Know

New to video conferencing tools or just need some new tricks and tips on navigating a cloud-based video conferencing platform? We’ve got you covered. For the teams at CampusLogic, connecting digitally is second nature, and especially now, it’s something that’s keeping everyone in touch, up-to-date on projects, and ready to help customers at the drop of a hat. 

Get Ready to Zoom 

Video conferencing tools, like Zoom, allow individuals to seamlessly meet and work together “face-to-face.” Teams are more engaged during virtual meetings, and you can even have fun by hosting happy hours and lunches, as well as 1:1s to stay connected. Here are a few tricks to leverage this single-solution web conference tool to work, learn, and communicate with your teams virtually: 

Getting Started 

1. Video & Audio  

  • Turn on your video to build engagement and eliminate multi-tasking. (Tip: Be sure to give participants expectations far enough in advance of the call so they can prepare.) 
  • Test your video and audio well in advance of your meeting. 

2. Consider Your Environment 

  • Have a simple background. 
  • Consider where the light is coming from. (Tip: Light from the front of your computer screen is best versus light from behind you glaring into your camera.) 
  • Try to find a quiet space and mute your microphone when others are speaking to avoid unwanted background noises. 

3. Share Your Screen 

  • Want to share a presentation or documents with the team? Zoom allows you to easily share your screen with participants. Select the 'Share Screen' icon and select which screen you would like to share. 

4. Co-Host  

  • Designating another user as a co-host allows them to share most of the controls that the host has, such as managing attendees. (Note: A co-host cannot start a meeting.) 

Voilà! You’ve got the basics. Check out the pro tips below to get even more out of your meetings: 

1. Outlook or Gmail plugin

  • Install the Outlook or Gmail plugin so you can easily add the Zoom meeting information in your email calendar invite.

2. Settings

  • You can record your meeting automatically in the cloud and enable 'Join before Host.' This allows your team to enter the Zoom meeting even if you’re running a few minutes late.
  • For recurring meetings, like team check-ins and 1:1s, click the 'Recurring' checkbox. This locks the settings and uses the same URL each time, so you never need to send a new invitation to attendees.

3. Record the Meeting 

  • Recording a meeting allows you to share the content with individuals who may have missed it, and it ensures it’s saved for your review. 
  • Check your settings ahead of time to determine the best option for your meeting. 

Broadcast Style: Only the host appears. (This is best for sessions with only one speaker.) 

Collaborative: You can record everyone. (This is best for interactive meetings.) 

4. See Who Attended 

  • Navigate to the Zoom meetings tab in the ‘Reports’ section and click ‘Generate.’ Then click ‘Registration.’ 

5. Annotation Tools 

  • Draw and highlight what is on screen for participants to easily follow along. 

Select the ‘View’ option from the top of the window and then select ‘Annotate.’ 

6. Slack

  • If you use Slack, you can zoom in a direct message or channel to automatically generate a zoom 'Join' link that can be clicked by anyone in that channel. By clicking the 'Join' link, they can be brought directly into a Zoom meeting. If you direct message yourself, you can test your video and audio in a matter of seconds so you feel confident going into your next Zoom meeting.

It’s Time to Zoom 

The best way to master video conferencing is to set up a conference and go for it! Start off in a safe zone by practicing with a few close colleagues to make sure you’ve got the hang of it and be sure to walk through all the planning and prepping tips above for the most successful meeting. Now, get out there and engage your team with a face-to-face cloud-based meeting. It’s your turn to Zoom! 


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