Insight of the Month: See Where Your Prospective Students Are With ClearCost Visitors by Geography

Michael Macias, Product Manager


Students apply to multiple schools when they’re ready to take the next big step in their education. Making sure you’re one of those schools is crucial to your institution enrollment goals. But how can you find out where potential student clusters are? Our ClearCost Visitors by Geography insight visualizes how many potential students are interested in your school from different regions across the country. 


Affordability Matters to Prospective Students 

The first step students make before applying is vetting schools they’re interested in attending. This includes filling out a net price calculator to determine if they can afford your institution. ClearCost—the industry’s leading NPC and part of the powerful CampusLogic SFS platform—captures and reports where students are submitting their information from. Every dot you see on the insight map in CampusMetrics represents at least one student who has worked through your ClearCost calculator.  


ClearCost Visitors by Geography Optimizes Your Outreach  

This insight can help you see where your marketing dollars and outreach are really paying off, and where they aren’t. Large clusters found on the insight indicate multiple submissions from around the same area, similar to a heat map. This knowledge helps you drive outreach focused on the cluster areas or flip the objective to reach out to areas where you see fewer submissions and clusters. 


Data Visualization for Every Part of the Student Journey  

Throughout the entire student financial services journey, CampusMetrics reveals insightful and actionable business intelligence with a comprehensive gallery of prebuilt insights, including: 


 -      ISIR Insights 

 -      Operational Insights  

-       Award Letter Insights 

 -      NPC Insights 


Instant Insights helps you better understand student populations, drive enrollment, make policy decisions, and adjust services to meet students’ needs. Adhering to all regulations, CampusMetrics uses aggregated, de-identified ISIR data to develop actionable trends and insights. 


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