How Enrollment and FinAid Put Students First


If you read our blog even occasionally, you know that CampusLogic CEO Gregg Scoresby is a huge fan of collaboration, teamwork, and networking—especially when it comes to higher education and our mission to change lives. He found that winning combination at Knowlura, a Tempe, Arizona-based company that helps colleges and universities develop online education strategies for the non-traditional student market.

Gregg recently spoke with Knowlura CEO Greg Baker about issues affecting enrollment and financial aid offices—and emerging trends that both departments on campus can use to improve the student experience and, ultimately, recruitment and retention. In this three-part blog series, Baker shares his perspectives on data, mobile, online learning and all the reasons why enrollment and FinAid need to work together. (And since it’s Gregg talking with Greg, we’ll differentiate them by “GS” and “GB.”)

By Gregg Scoresby

 GS: Sounds like a lot’s been happening at Knowlura over the past year. Can you fill us in?

GB: Knowlura might sound new; we launched last September (2016). But we’re actually the result of a merger between Hobsons Enrollment Management Services—where I was formerly—and Barker Educational Services Team (BEST). The move brings together two market leaders and more than 50 years of combined experience in online higher education.

Today, at its core, Knowlura is focused on working with institutions to bring progress to their online education strategies through viability analyses, enrollment services, retention administration, and marketing.

GS: Online education is ever-shifting, it seems. How do you hone in on success for your customers?

GB: Our objective is to be objective. Through research and analytics, we assess the viability of launching specific online degree programs. We study who the prospective students are, where they come from, and how to get their attention. Then, if requested, we provide marketing, enrollment management, and retention solutions to launch and support those programs deemed to be viable.

Our goal is to guide institutions in identifying and developing new opportunities for growth through online degree programs—not just because “everybody’s doing it,” but through data-driven decisions.

GS: Data-driven growth is the only growth that matters, right? What types of institutions does Knowlura serve?

GB: We offer our services to schools in the not-for-profit space. From R-1s (research-based universities) to community colleges, we provide an a-la-carte approach with customized services that fit each institution.

GS: Our companies’ mutual interest in improving access to higher education creates a natural synergy. But we focus on financial aid while Knowlura concentrates on enrollment—which often seem siloed on college campuses. What’s your perspective on bridging this divide?

GB: Most directors of enrollment and directors of financial aid do try to work together. But too often their offices are far away from one another and the challenges of their individual jobs overshadow opportunities for sharing information.

The good news is that as more EdTech companies emerge, like Knowlura and CampusLogic, access to data is getting easier, faster, and in the hands of those department heads—rather than IT. That’s important in ensuring full classrooms and a healthy bottom line for schools of all sizes.

Data impacts everything from demographic- and geographic-based marketing strategies and program viability to student satisfaction and engagement. There’s so much information that both departments can use—once they know how.

GS: When enrollment and financial aid work together, they develop solutions to help students overcome institutional barriers to admission and retention. I’m glad our companies are working together now—and I hope we can continue to advance this idea of a mutually beneficial relationship between departments on all the campuses we visit.

GB: We’re eager to refer CampusLogic solutions to our customers to help streamline the financial aid process for their students and further improve enrollment yield and retention.

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