Mobile AwardLetter Improves Efficiency by 90% at Concordia University, St. Paul

Concordia University, St. Paul issues about 3,000 award letters per year. A complicated and time-consuming process for staff to produce, the paper-based letters were hard for students and parents to understand. “Overall, the process was problematic,” says Kristin Vogel, Concordia’s Associate Vice President for Traditional Enrollment Management. “I knew there had to be an easier way.” She was right.

Researching solutions to streamline student verification, Vogel discovered CampusLogic. “The Learning House told me about this great company really changing things up in the financial aid space,” she explains. “I reached out to CampusLogic, and discovered they offered an AwardLetter solution.”

AwardLetter: Easy, Mobile, Personalized

Part of the CampusLogic student engagement platform, AwardLetterSM is understandable and clear with intuitive design, hover text explanations, dynamic video, and personalized content. AwardLetter helps clearly outline all the information students need to make confident and responsible decisions about their education and student loans. Best of all, the information is presented the way today’s student wants it—mobile-friendly, on any device.

Vogel’s team saw a demo of AwardLetter, and shared it with their Financial Aid Office. “It was just such an obvious win,” she says. “Being able to get more information to students faster, with links, and via mobile. It was a no-brainer.”

“It was just such an obvious win. Being able to get more information to students faster, with links, and via mobile. It was a no-brainer.”  – Kristin Vogel, Associate Vice President for Traditional Enrollment Management, Concordia University, St. Paul

Mobile AwardLetter Key to Enrollment Strategy

For Vogel, Concordia’s easy, mobile, personalized AwardLetter is key to the school’s enrollment strategy. “Getting AwardLetters out earlier really encourages students to enroll, which is huge.”  Concordia’s enrollment has been growing, especially in the last four or five years. “But we haven’t had to add new staff,” she says. “A tool like this enables us to do more.”

Prior to CampusLogic, Concordia sent returning students an email directing them to the student portal for updated aid award information. “Thanks to CampusLogic, we’re thrilled to send a digital AwardLetter to all students, new and returning,” says Vogel. Financial aid office staff see it as one more resource in their financial literacy toolkit.

Improved Staff Efficiency, Cost Savings

Concordia St. Paul’s admissions staff previously spent about 10 hours producing paper award letters. “We would print the letters with Banner Letter Process ®, mail merge, print and verify everything,” she explains. “With CampusLogic, it’s all completed as one process that runs overnight. We append the PDF to the student record, but we did that previously so it’s not a big deal at all.”

Today, Concordia spends an hour a week on the award letter process—a savings of 468 hours per year. The saved time is refocused into high-touch activities, including financial literacy efforts.

Enhanced Student Experience, Financial Literacy

Ever-focused on bettering its service levels, Vogel is thrilled that her new AwardLetter is delivered instantly. “When we would mail them, award letters took three to four days to arrive,” she says. “CampusLogic has definitely improved our level of service.” Concordia now analyzes AwardLetter usage and behavior data to continually improve their student experience.

What Vogel love most of all about her new AwardLetter is that it “presents the content of financial aid in a much more transparent way,” she explains. “It aligns with our philosophy on financial literacy of providing as much information as possible in a clear fashion.”

The CampusLogic Difference

“CampusLogic, as a company, really understands Financial Aid. We’ve asked questions about best practices, and what other institutions are doing,” says Vogel. “We look to them as valued partners.”


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