Insight of the Month: AwardLetter Open Rates Help You Understand Student Engagement

By Michael Macias, Product Manager

Believe it or not, sending out digital award letters is a lot like a marketing campaign. Your goal is to get students to engage with you—and to take further action.

Whether your award letters are the first step to encouraging a student to enroll, or they’re used as a final step to accept awarding, they generally have a call to action (CTA) with embedded links, buttons, or other types of requests for a response. Being able to measure those responses and other student behaviors can help you consistently ensure best practices for student engagement.

A Smarter Way to Engage—and Measure Engagement

Now, when CampusMetricsSM rides alongside AwardLetterSM, two of the most versatile and powerful products for student communications are right at your fingertips. With AwardLetter, a wide range of email campaigns—far beyond just an award letter—can be automated and personalized. Plus, you’ll get rich, real-time data about those emails, thanks to CampusMetrics’ Instant Insights.

The Opened vs. Unopened Award Letters Instant Insight, for instance, is one way to quickly and easily measure campaign effectiveness. Optimized for mobile, this information is always available—no IT required; no hefty data pulls.

Keep Pace with Students’ Behaviors

Throughout the entire student financial services journey, CampusMetrics reveals insightful and actionable business intelligence with a comprehensive gallery of prebuilt insights, including:

  • ISIR Insights
  • Operational Insights (which includes SMS usage discussed here)
  • Award Letter Insights
  • NPC Insights

These insights can help you better understand student populations, drive enrollment, make policy decisions, and adjust services to meet students’ needs. Adhering to all regulations, CampusMetrics uses aggregated, de-identified ISIR data to develop actionable trends and insights. 

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