Insight of the Month: Filtering Makes the Task Status Breakdown So Powerful

The CampusMetricsSMInstant Insight, “Task Status Breakdown,” provides an overall view of outstanding and completed tasks found in StudentFormsSM—across all transactions and all active award years. It can help your FinAid Office better visualize “to-do” and “done” lists and, potentially, see where students might need additional assistance.

The #Awesome Power of Filtering

The power of this particular Insight is maximized by its filtering functionality, and just how deep you can drill down for more details.

  • Filtering by award year, for instance, should show significant changes, as the older active award year (currently, the 2017–18) will typically have a higher completion rate of tasks and should be receiving fewer ISIRs over time. Conversely, the newer award year (2018–19) is just starting to gain more ISIRs—which will continue to open new tasks for your students.
  • Filtering by specific transaction types enables your FinAid Office to review completion rates of any custom documents or forms you may have in StudentForms. They are typically assigned to either the “Other Documents” transaction, or to a custom-appeal transaction created specifically for your school. If you have custom forms in other transactions, you can also filter down to the task level and run comparisons on the completion of individual tasks.

Filtering Leads to Better Student Communications

The best part about filtering within this Insight is that by right-clicking on it, and choosing, “See Records,” you can generate a detailed list based on your selected filters. This list can be reviewed by transaction and award year. Even better—it breaks down each task with the student’s name, student ID, and email address. This functionality can be the starting point for building a communications campaign that drives students back to their financial aid documents to complete their tasks.

Data Visualization for Every Step of the Student Journey

Throughout the entire student financial services journey, CampusMetrics reveals insightful and actionable business intelligence with a comprehensive gallery of prebuilt Insights, including:

  • ISIR Insights
  • Operational Insights
  • Award Letter Insights
  • NPC Insights

Instant Insights can help you better understand student populations, drive enrollment, make policy decisions, and adjust services to meet students’ needs. Adhering to all regulations, CampusMetrics uses aggregated, de-identified ISIR data to develop actionable trends and insights. 

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