Insight of the Month: ISIR Geography


Your institution wants to expand enrollment by targeting students beyond its typical recruitment region, whether out in rural areas or the zip code next door. So, you’re often asked to build reports on the prime location(s) of current students to explore where the admissions team needs to search for new, prospective students. To do that, you need to dig into your data—and that’s tedious.

ISIR Geography Makes Your Job Easier

ISIR Geography, an insight in CampusMetrics, makes answering those questions—and many others—much easier. Using the zip code reported on each FAFSA, ISIR Geography pinpoints the locations and generates a geographical heat map enabling you to view where your students are coming from.

The question is no longer, “Where am I seeing green?” but “Where am I not seeing green?”

The Pulse of Your FA Metrics—In Real Time

CampusMetrics makes financial aid data instantly insightful and actionable. We started with ISIR analytics and focused on creating a comprehensive library of pre-built insights that every Financial Aid Office needs. These insights help student financial services professionals better understand student populations, drive enrollment, make policy decisions, and adjust services to meet student needs.

CampusMetrics currently includes the following prebuilt Insight Galleries:

  • ISIR Insights
  • Operational Insights
  • Award Letter Insights
  • NPC Insights

Adhering to all regulations, CampusMetrics uses aggregated, de-identified ISIR data to develop actionable trends and insights. Each insight contains filters and pivot-chart functionality, allowing you to drill down into detailed data for exporting.

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