Insight of the Month: Understanding Document Rejection to Improve Efficiency

Michael Macias, Product Manager

Ever thought to yourself, “I feel like [insert name of document] gets rejected A LOT during verification.” Wonder no more! With the release of Multiple Document Rejection Analysis, our newest CampusMetrics insight, you can now easily dig in to the number of times a single document has been rejected. This will help financial aid office reviewers more easily pinpoint issues—and ultimately develop clear guidance to students so that they can move past this bottleneck efficiently.

Financial Aid is Confusing. Mistakes Happen.

There are many reasons why a document might be rejected more than once. Financial Aid is complex. StudentForms relieves some of the complexity for FA Office staff by proactively requesting necessary documentation on behalf of the school. But a school administrator is ultimately responsible for reviewing each document submitted in response by a student. The person reviewing the document needs to have a level of FA knowledge that guarantees that the document submitted meets the requirements to resolve the issue. Even with all the best of intentions, mistakes can happen—both on the staff and student side. 

Help Students Understand Document Rejection

It’s possible that a certain reviewer may be rejecting the same document multiple times because he or she doesn’t fully understand the requirements needed to clear the issue. Or, the reviewer may not fully understand the documentation submitted by the student. Some reviewers correctly reject a document when it doesn’t meet the requirements, but they may not be explaining the rejection reason—and steps/edits needed to resolve the problem—to the student in a clear enough fashion for the student to truly understand what to do next. This can often lead to the student repeating the same mistake and submitting incorrect documentation, resulting in subsequent rejections, frustration on the student’s side, and duplicated work on your end.

See The Forest, Not The Trees

With the Multiple Document Rejection Analysis insight, you can filter by all transaction types, active award years, and specific date ranges. That allows you to see and group the number of rejections, sorting them by user—or by multiple users—and grouping the documents by count of rejections. 

With this data you can determine patterns for rejected documents, further coach on the process, and ultimately reduce cycle time for documentation collection and file review. 

Data Visualization for Every Part of the Student Journey 

Throughout the entire student financial services journey, CampusMetricsreveals insightful and actionable business intelligence with a comprehensive gallery of prebuilt insights, including:

·      ISIR Insights

·      Operational Insights 

·      Award Letter Insights

·      NPC Insights

Instant Insights helps you better understand student populations, drive enrollment, make policy decisions, and adjust services to meet students’ needs. Adhering to all regulations, CampusMetrics uses aggregated, de-identified ISIR data to develop actionable trends and insights. 

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