3 Steps to Turn Your NPC into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse [On-Demand Webinar]


Attendees at our May 16 webinar “3 Steps to Turn Your NPC into a Lead-Generating PowerHouse” learned tips and strategies to make their NPC so much more than a compliance checkbox. At Fordham University prospective students who used the NPC had an enrollment rate 86% higher than students acquired from other sources.

On-Demand Webinar Highlights

Webinar presenters discussed many of the ways NPCs have historically been underutilized, and demonstrated how ClearCost by CampusLogic can be a powerful tool for lead generation at your institution. Download the webinar for more on:

  • Your NPC as a crucial point of entry into your school’s enrollment funnel.
  • Why students who complete your NPC should be considered hot leads.
  • Creating a branded, personalized experience that takes calculations beyond the basics.

First Impressions Are Important: ClearCost Delivers

Choosing the right school is personal, and it’s an exciting process for students. A bland NPC that feels disjointed from the rest of your website can feel clumsy and inauthentic—driving prospective students into the arms of another school. ClearCost creates a personalized, branded experience that keeps them engaged by guiding them into the next stage of your enrollment funnel.

Additional Webinar Resources

Below, please find links to additional presentation resources:

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