Why Students Stop Searching for Scholarships

Schools rank applying for scholarships as the easiest step in the financial aid process—learn why students disagree in our latest video.

  • "As a student for the first time applying, having never applied for a scholarship before, it was difficult to understand what they were asking for." 
  • "It's very frustrating to not be able to find anything, especially when you're scrolling through thousands and thousands of scholarships and you have to click on every.single.one." 
  • "There were a lot out there, but not a lot that applied to me."

Should I even keep looking? That's what many students end up thinking. If they do stop looking for scholarships, they're often left with unmet funding needs, may have to borrow more money, orin a worst-case scenariomay drop out. ScholarshipUniverse solves their frustrations, while simultaneously helping you improve scholarship fund utilization, bring outside funds to your institution through vetted external scholarships, and increase enrollment and retention. 

Ready to make scholarship management easy, mobile, and personalized for students and staff with ScholarshipUniverse? 

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