How ScholarshipUniverse Manages a World of Opportunity

Chris Chumley, COO

By Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer, CampusLogic

At CampusLogic, we believe in simplicity; that there’s elegance in efficiency and that the right technology can shorten the road from Point A to Point B. Over the past year, our student financial services platform (the first and only of its kind) has made great strides in the battle for simplicity—each stride a purposeful leap forward in reducing friction and simplifying a piece of the student finance puzzle.

Why are we so focused on reducing friction in interactions across the student financial services journey? Because as many as 3 million college students drop out of school each year due to some issue with their finances. That’s 3 million fewer contributors to our economy; 3 million fewer people who can make an impact on their communities. And 3 million people who are likely to have incurred student debt—currently at a trillion dollars nationwide—but are unlikely to be able to pay it off without the benefit of a degree.

In many of these instances, a smoother path to the right scholarship could have made all the difference.

The Evolution of ScholarshipUniverse

Last year, we partnered with The University of Arizona (UArizona) to commercialize a scholarship management tool that was originally built internally to streamline manual, disjointed review and awarding processes. UArizona named it ScholarshipUniverseSM because the technology consolidates all scholarship information—institutional and vetted external scholarships—in one place.

We love its proven focus on student engagement:

  • 70% of UA students use ScholarshipUniverse each year
  • During peak season, the system averages 20,000 daily page views by students
  • In 2016, UA students received $6 million in external scholarship awards

Now, Meet ScholarshipUniverse 2.0

In partnership with UArizona and several advisory institutions, CampusLogic has upgraded ScholarshipUniverse, relaunching it as a commercial software-as-a-service (SaaS) product within our student financial services platform. The upgrade makes it configurable and flexible for any institution, and re-architected to meet our world-class security and cloud-based scalability. We also made it 100% optimized for mobile—for easy access on any device. Institutions using the CampusLogic platform will benefit from our authentication, user management, analytics, and easy integration tools.

Our approach to elegant efficiency and beautiful simplicity is attained through our laser focus on building technology solutions that put the student first, not last. ScholarshipUniverse is the only complete scholarship management solution that provides an engaging student experience across matching, application, review, and awarding of scholarships. It’s flexible enough to meet the needs of decentralized processes among colleges, departments, and foundations—while simultaneously providing a unified experience for students and donors. It’s everything higher education institutions wanted—but didn’t have time to build themselves.

A Scholarship Management Solution Like No Other

ScholarshipUniverse brings unique approaches to scholarship management:

Match. Don’t Search: Using an adaptive matching engine that learns from the student’s answers, ScholarshipUniverse interviews each user in a personalized way and identifies relevant scholarship opportunity matches. Adaptive matching means that funds won’t go underutilized anymore—they’re now much more easily found.

A Single Source for All Scholarships: Along with managing the process of scholarship programs within the institution, ScholarshipUniverse maintains a vetted database of external private and national scholarships indexed in the matching engine. Students are individually matched to relevant external scholarships and then directed to the external application process. With a single source, students no longer have to go to multiple systems or websites to hunt down legitimate, verified scholarship opportunities.

Student Cockpit: The cockpit allows students to review matched opportunities and complete scholarship applications online—including managing essays, letters of recommendation, and thank-you letters to donors—all from an easy-to-use, mobile experience. Students are alerted to deadlines, new opportunities, awards, and status changes via automated alerts. The cockpit ensures that students stay engaged throughout the entire process.

Streamlined Review Process: A configurable, workflow-driven process enables institutions to spread applications across reviewers for fair and efficient, paperless reviewing.

SmartRank: During the award process, configurable ranking rules can be defined by each committee to automatically rank applicants—making awarding faster and more consistent.

Easy Integration with CL Connect: CL Connect is an integration utility that simplifies integration with your student information system (SIS) and advancement systems. With integration, students can take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) to access all online services.

A Key Differentiator: ScholarshipUniverse Fully Integrates With Our Powerful Student Financial Services Platform

One of the most powerful differences between ScholarshipUniverse and other solutions is that our technology engages the student in the scholarship process across the entire student financial journey. No other software solution does that. As part of our platform:

  • Prospective students will be able to use the scholarship-matching engine to see additional opportunities they may receive while getting net price estimates from ClearCostSM, our net price calculator.
  • Students can review their financial aid awards in AwardLetterSM and find additional funding opportunities to help fill funding gaps by linking directly to ScholarshipUniverse.
  • Students can be reminded to look for scholarships as they complete their financial aid paperwork in StudentFormsSM.
  • Your staff can analyze fund performance, applicant volume, and processing metrics using ScholarshipUniverse data in CampusMetricsSM.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Three million students lost—and over a trillion dollars in student debt and growing: These are staggering numbers in aggregate, with broad economic repercussions. But on an individual institution level, efficient and effective utilization of scholarship funds—and access to high-quality external scholarship opportunities—can mean all the difference in student success. Simple idea, right?

Read the UArizona Case Study >


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Chris Chumley, COO

CampusLogic's Chief Operating Officer - Specializing in product management, project management, and business process design throughout his 20-year career, Chris is an expert in managing change. It’s a leadership characteristic that serves him well at CampusLogic where his team is transforming traditional Financial Aid processes.

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