How Student-First Scholarship Management Crushes All Challenges [On-Demand Webinar]

On Dec. 6, hundreds of institutions joined CampusLogic’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Chumley to learn more about ScholarshipUniverse. Chris covered a deep-dive on features, provided a staff experience preview and demonstrated the student experience within ScholarshipUniverse. Staff and students’ scholarship-related challenges disappear thanks to CampusLogic’s next-generation technology that helps scholarship and financial aid stakeholders:

  • Centralize institutional and external scholarships into one collection, streamlining the scholarship experience for students
  • Deliver a highly relevant, tailored list of scholarships for each student using an adaptive scholarship matching engine
  • Offer complete scholarship management through a school’s campus portal, integrated into your student information system.

During the webinars, participants were asked to identify their three biggest scholarship challenges. The top answers: Decentralized management, manual procedures that don’t scale, and lack of visibility to the process.

Webinar Resources

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