Neumann University’s Game-changing AwardLetter [On-Demand Webinar]

“Neumann University’s Game-changing AwardLetter,” our October Financial Aid Web Clinic, highlighted how Neumann now delivers thousands of award letters a year—at a fraction of the time and resources used in their manual, paper-based days. Key to their success: CampusLogic’s AwardLetter technology.

Andrea Van Horn Del Vacchio, Director of Financial Aid at Neumann, joined Mark McGinnis, National Director at CampusLogic to discuss topics including:

  • Award Letter Challenges – Poor design, time-consuming production, information overload, lack of differentiation, limited format
  • Award Letter Strategies – Boost enrollment yield, drive financial literacy, reduce student borrowing, and improve the student experience
  • Neumann University’s Success – Efficiency, financial literacy, student experience, cost-savings
  • Technology That Simplifies – The right technology can simplify things for staff & students

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Neumann University’s Game-changing AwardLetter On-Demand Webinar

Neumann University’s Game-Changing AwardLetter

AwardLetter Product Sheet


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