How Technology Is Uniting FinAid and Enrollment at UCSB


10 ways StudentForms is helping to transform the student experience at UCSB:

  1. UCSB is now a paperless FinAid office.
  2. Students can send images of documents via smartphone, eliminating mail and long delays.
  3. Students can opt-in to text-messaging updates—enabling them to follow the progress of their file, step-by-step, without calling or coming into the office.
  4. E-signature for both students and parents means no more wet signatures.
  5. Streamlined verification template reduces the chances for errors—and reduces workload.
  6. Reduced workload bleeds into other areas on campus, too—like mail and communication services.
  7. A shorter processing period means students get their awards earlier.
  8. It benefits both undergraduate and graduate students.
  9. It includes a service for the California Dream Act.
  10. The platform features a simple implementation process with most of the workload handled by CampusLogic.

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