The Economics of Frustration Webinar - Sep 29 2020

September 25, 2020

For years, Student Success has become intertwined with Academic Success. New research reveals that financial issues are actually the number one reason that college students fail to complete their program of study. In fact, the situation may be even more challenging because there is not just “one” financing barrier but instead an entire maze of difficulties that make the college buying experience so frustrating that students who sometimes have invested two or even three years would prefer to stop or drop-out rather than navigate the financial aid gauntlet. Join CampusLogic's VP of Research, Carlo Salerno as he unpacks insights that help explain the economics behind why the financial aid process is derailing for so many students. In the second part of the presentation, he will be joined by a distinguished panel of enrollment management leaders to talk about the strategies schools can deploy to address this enormous challenge and explore innovative approaches to achieving student financial success.

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2020 Broke the Enrollment Funnel [Video]

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