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  • Automate Dynamic Communications with CampusCommunicator2:05

    Automate Dynamic Communications with CampusCommunicator

    CampusCommunicator (formerly AwardLetter) provides institutions with dynamic, branded financial aid communications. What started as a product for sending financial aid award notifications has expanded

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  • Move Over Bots. Make Room for VirtualAdvisor.55:28

    Move Over Bots. Make Room for VirtualAdvisor.

    Your students have questions, and they need answers 24/7. But scaling personalized support is difficult when distance, time, and language come into play. The consequences of students misunderstanding

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  • EmpowerED19 Conference Highlights2:39

    EmpowerED19 Conference Highlights

    EmpowerED—CampusLogic’s annual Student Financial Success Technology Conference—brings the higher education community together from across the country to share successes, discuss challenges, highlight

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  • Serving Students Personalized Financial Aid Information 24/71:47

    Serving Students Personalized Financial Aid Information 24/7

    VirtualAdvisor sets new standards for financial aid AI. Drive efficiency while raising the bar on the student experience with personalized suggestions & answers to common questions 24/7.

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  • CampusLogic Testimonials1:57

    CampusLogic Testimonials

    Hear how innovative institutions are empowering students to understand the true cost of college, easily complete critical financial aid task, and automatically match to scholarships—all on mobile 24/7

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  • CampusMetrics School User Training26:45

    CampusMetrics School User Training

    Experience data at your fingertips. Look at the trends within your data and make decisions based on these metrics in our recorded webinar.

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  • School User Training1:02:09

    School User Training

    Experience what your staff will experience as they perform verifications. Login, transactions, file review, reporting and more—all in our recorded webinar!

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  • ClearCost Testing9:07

    ClearCost Testing

    Time to test your ClearCost Net Price Calculator? Learn about who should complete testing, how to test, and best practices for providing feedback to your CSM.

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  • PJ and SAP Apeals47:57

    PJ and SAP Apeals

    Learn how to set up your school settings for the Appeals Process, how to complete school and student-initiated appeals, and how to complete an appeal review in our recorded webinar.

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  • Student Experience54:03

    Student Experience

    Experience what your students will experience when they start using StudentForms. Login, account creation, help desk overview and more—all in our recorded webinar!

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  • TCSG Power Hour1:09:50

    TCSG Power Hour

    The Technical College System of Georgia is partnering with CampusLogic to bring you exclusive pricing on the only student financial services platform in the industry. Find out how TCSG members are usi

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  • StudentForms Demo19:27

    StudentForms Demo

    StudentForms removes barriers, especially for at-risk students, by guiding them through the entire verification process—from the device of their choice, 24/7.

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  • Higher Education's Leaky Enrollment Funnel1:52

    Higher Education's Leaky Enrollment Funnel

    Boost enrollment and retention by closing funnel holes during prospecting and financial aid.

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  • ScholarshipUniverse Demo23:02

    ScholarshipUniverse Demo

    ScholarshipUniverse empowers schools to increase fund utilization, reduce review-cycle times, and centralize processes institution-wide—all on a mobile platform available 24/7.

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  • How Student First Scholarship Management Crushes All Challenges57:21

    How Student First Scholarship Management Crushes All Challenges

    On-Demand Webinar

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  • ScholarshipUniverse1:37


    Streamline scholarship management, matching, review, and awarding.

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  • ScholarshipUniverse  | Thank You Letters3:31

    ScholarshipUniverse | Thank You Letters

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  • ScholarshipUniverse | Setting Up a Scholarship7:01

    ScholarshipUniverse | Setting Up a Scholarship

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  • ScholarshipUniverse  | Reviewing Applications4:02

    ScholarshipUniverse | Reviewing Applications

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  • ScholarshipUniverse | Ranking Applicants & Awarding5:08

    ScholarshipUniverse | Ranking Applicants & Awarding

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