Move Over Bots. Make Room for VirtualAdvisor.

August 8, 2019
Your students have questions, and they need answers 24/7. But scaling personalized support is difficult when distance, time, and language come into play. The consequences of students misunderstanding financial aid are high: they never enroll, over-or under-borrow, or drop out, leading to debt with no degree. Artificial intelligence (AI) for financial aid meets everyone where they are—and keeps you in control of the information. More than a bot, VirtualAdvisor is a virtual assistant that can seamlessly access the data in your system and provide students with relevant information specific to their individual needs. Get ready to experience true AI capabilities that will engage your students and answer complex financial aid questions in real time, effectively freeing you up to spend more time on high-needs counseling. Simply stated, chatbots aren’t enough. VirtualAdvisor is a dynamic digital assistant that can answer student questions—any time, anywhere—which is exactly what students are looking for. Promote student financial success and achieve next-level interaction with VirtualAdvisor.

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