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75% of college students have unmet financial need. As the gap between federal aid and college costs increases, many students are taking on more debt. Scholarships are crucial to increasing accessibility—and maintaining fiscal sustainability for higher ed institutions—but searching and applying for scholarships is so time-consuming and arduous that many students give up. 

ScholarshipUniverse eliminates search fatigue by matching students to relevant school-specific and vetted 3rd party scholarships. We help schools increase fund utilization, reduce review-cycle times, and centralize processes institution-wide—all on a mobile platform available 24/7. 

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Higher Education's Leaky Enrollment Funnel
Higher Education's Leaky Enrollment Funnel

Boost enrollment and retention by closing funnel holes during prospecting and financial aid.

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ScholarshipUniverse  | Thank You Letters
ScholarshipUniverse | Thank You Letters